About the Project 

Achieve believes that it is critically important for education stakeholders to understand the persistent gaps between state requirements for a high school diploma and what is needed to be ready for college and careers.

For the first time, we are presenting this data in an interactive data explorer so that stakeholders can more clearly see what is required of students under different options for graduation across states and allow for easy comparison.

About the Data

Achieve has maintained data on states’ graduation requirements and the graduation options available to students for most of our 22-year history. This information comes from available public sources, including state websites with guidance to schools and families and state laws and regulations.

Cross-state analysis on previous cohorts’ graduation requirements is included in Achieve’s series of annual Closing the Expectations Gap reports and The State of American High School Graduates reports, released from 2004 to 2017.

A full statement on methodology for the High School Graduation Requirements Data Explorer is available here. A full statement on the methodology for the High School and Postsecondary Alignment Data Explorer is available here. A full statement on methodology for the Statewide Assessments in High School Data Explorer is available here

About Achieve

Our diverse team of educators, researchers, advocates, and other experts represents decades of experience at the local, state, and national levels. For the past 20 years, we have delivered expertise and developed solutions for education leaders from across and within states as they tackle common challenges.

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